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The Year Without a Summer

   In 1816, the United States experienced the most unusual weather event ever recorded in history. That year was known as the "Year Without a Summer". A blizzard in the month of June paralyzed the northeastern United States, and ice formed on ponds four times during the summer. Vital food crops were totally ruined by repeated frosts, and sheep that had been recently shorn could no longer defend themselves from the 30 degree temperatures. Hundreds of farm animals died of exposure and smoke houses were working overtime trying to preserve as much meat as possible. The carcases of hundreds of thousands of birds that had flown north to enjoy the spring warmth, now lay everywhere, and millions of insects coaxed out of their hibernation by the first warm days, suffered the same fate, and now lay dying on the white blanket of snow. Many people were frightened by this macabre scene and wanted to know why God was punishing them with this disastrous weather.

   On the 4th of July men could be seen walking around in their winter attire, desperately trying to protect themselves from the bitter winter-like temperatures. The corn crop which comprised the major food source, had been over 90% destroyed by the bitter cold, and what corn was for sale in the marketplace sold for 10 times normal price and was mostly unfit for human consumption. There was no decent food to be had anywhere, and rich and poor alike suffered from the starvation rations. Young children ventured into the forest to pick berries, and hunters shot wild game and fished in a desperate attempt feed their families.

   But why did this strange weather event happen? Was it because of the Mount Tambora volcano in the Dutch East Indies? Was it a product of reduced sunspot activity? Or did it occur for an entirely different reason? If you'd like to learn more about the many prophetic events that changed the course of history, click on the link below to order your book by Edward Oliver.






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