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How Christmas Won the War

   Did you know that if it weren't for the Christmas holiday, the United States of America might not even exist today?  By December of 1776 America's colonists had totally given up on the Revolutionary War, and it took an unexpected Christmas miracle to turn things around in the colonists' favor.   America's general George Washington had little experience fighting in a European style war, and with inexperienced troops and few supplies, Washington did not stand much of a chance against the battle hardened army of the British government.  After losing battle after battle to the British, it was only a matter of time until Washington's militia would be forced to surrender.

   When winter arrived, Washington and his tattered army retreated to the safety of the Pennsylvania shore of the Delaware River.  Washington now had only 400 men remaining of his original army of 20,000.  It was now clear that the American Revolution was going to fail.  Washington was very short on food and supplies, and begged for help from Congress, but Congress was now in complete disarray and worried about its own future.  Washington was in a desperate situation and needed a miracle to save him.  But believe it or not, on Christmas Day, 1776, that miracle actually occurred!

   Read the true story about this Christmas miracle that completely reversed the course of the American Revolution and examine all the events that helped to determine the destiny of America. Click on the link below to order your book by Edward Oliver.





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