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Nostradamus and
the WTC Attack

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   In the mid 1980s, books on the prophet Nostradamus were selling out in bookstores across the U.S. as people feared the approaching Year 2000 Millennium might mark the end of the world. Author Erika Cheetham warned in her 1981 book, "The Man Who Saw Tomorrow," that Nostradamus predicted a future "Attack on New York," involving its "towers or skyscrapers." But since the warning had been issued by a Hebrew prophet, it was not taken seriously by U.S. national security officials. If you check in the index of Ms. Cheetham's book, under the heading "New York City," you will find the following specific warnings about future attacks upon New York:


  1. An attack on New York involving a "bombing."

  2. An attack on New York involving its "towers or skyscrapers."


   A terrorist "bombing" of the World Trade Center basement parking garage did in fact take place on 2/26/93, and an attack on New York's "towers or skyscrapers" occurred on 9/11/2001. Ms. Cheetham's book was about the writings of the most recent of the 500-year Hebrew prophets, Michel de Nostradame, popularly known as Nostradamus. The Nostradamus quatrain below warned that hijacked air-vessels would be turned around to a new course and crashed into two skyscrapers in New York City. Nostradamus Quatrain 1-87 is printed below and includes the original Old French verses, and also a link to an Old French dictionary for those who want to check out the Old French word definitions:


  9/11 ATTACK - QUATRAIN 1-87

Enormous-promontories on fire in the center of the mainland,

Enno-sigee feu du centre de terre,

Will cause trembling in the towers of the City of New York;

Fera trembler au tour de Cite Neufve;

Two great rock-monoliths continuously will be attacked,

Deux grands rochiers longtemps feront la guerre,

This is when air-vessels will be turned-round to a new course.

Puis aer-thuse rou-gira nouveau fleuve.




   Quatrain #1-87: No one listened to this warning about a terrorist attack on New York's skyscrapers because Nostradamus had been discredited by liberal academics who published dozens of books filled with false quatrains that Nostradamus never wrote. Their irresponsible actions resulted in the public not paying attention to these warnings about future attacks on New York. But on September 11th, 2001, two hijacked "air-vessels" did indeed "turn-round to a new course" and were crashed into "two great rock monoliths" in the "City of New York" exactly as Nostradamus recorded in the quatrain above, and thus the world missed its chance to be warned about these future terrorist attacks upon New York City.


   Erika Cheetham"s famous book, The Prophecies of Nostradamus/The Man Who Saw Tomorrow, was originally written in the 1960s, published in 1975 and again in 1983, and available in every bookstore in the U.S. by the mid 1980s. It was made into a video hosted by Orson Wells that was available in every video store in the United States, and in 1991 was shown again in a national television special hosted by Charlton Heston. But in spite of all this publicity, no one in the U.S. national security community tuned in to the fact that the book predicted these future attacks on New York City.

   In this modern world of science and technology, the word of the Hebrew prophets, including even the prophets of the Bible, has been relegated to the realm of fantasy, since science tells us that it is not possible for man to breach the bonds of time to see into the future (which makes the Bible into a lie). Nostradamus prophecies were warnings about dangerous future events. If you'd like to learn about the warnings Nostradamus left for your future, simply click on one of the secure book links on this webpage to order your book by Edward Oliver.









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