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The Stone of Destiny

   For centuries men have been captivated by tales of mysterious holy relics like the famous Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail. Unfortunately these holy relics can't be located in modern times. There is however one holy relic that has survived history and still exists in Great Britain today. The mysterious Stone of Destiny predates all other holy objects, and carries with it a biblical destiny and history that is truly the stuff great legends are made of.

   The significance of the Stone of Destiny is deeply rooted in Bible prophecy, for this stone is thought to carry God's blessing upon those who possess it and it is destined to follow God's blessed people on their long lourney through history. The stone was used as a pillow one night by by Jacob when he slept in the desert on a trip from Harab to Bethel (Gen. 28:18). Jacob's stone ended up in King Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem but was removed from the Temple when the Babylonians sacked the city in 580 BC. The stone was taken to Egypt and then to Ireland, along with King Zedikiah's daughter, Tea Tephi, who was wed to the Irish King Eochaide.

   The royal line of David was thus preserved upon a world throne as predicted by the Hebrew prophets who told us this throne would be preserved until the Lord's return. The Stone of Destiny then followed a long line of Scottish and British kings, and was last used to coronate Britain's present Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. During the coronation ceremony for Britain's present Queen Elizabeth II, the Archbishop of Canterbury recited the following prayer:


    "Oh Lord and Heavenly Father, exalter of the humble and the strength of thy chosen, who by anointing with this oil didst of old, make and consecrate, kings, priests, and prophets, to teach and govern thy people Israel. Bless and sanctify thy chosen servant, Elizabeth, who by our office and ministry is now to be anointed with this oil".


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