Mad Cow Disease

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Mad Cow Disease

   We've all heard about the Bubonic Plague epidemic of 1333 AD that wiped out approximately one quarter of the world's population. The plague ravaged quickly through many European cities due to unsanitary conditions in those cities that produced an overpopulation of rats causing nature to send a disease upon the rats to reduce their numbers. In our modern world we certainly don't have to fear something like that ever happening again, or do we?

   Most modern disease epidemics have been the result of mankind failing to observe unsanitary conditions developing in the natural world that resulted in the natural mechanism of disease being activated to correct the situation. But it was not animal overpopulation that was responsible for Mad Cow disease. This new disease came into existence for an entirely different reason. It was created through ignorance and greed, and deliberate human interference in the laws of nature.

   Undoubtedly it was the dream of some person's hardworking mother, who slaved away in some office building scrubbing floors for many years, in the hope that she might someday send her son off to college so he could earn his degree and be able to support her in old age. And so her loving son did earned his college degree in the world of high finance where he would ambitiously attempt to improve the efficiency of operations within the animal feed manufacturing industry in which he worked.

   And one day he noticed that some byproducts of the animal feed process were being thrown away and wasted. And so he suggested to his boss that these products should be introduced back into the animal feed process to save money. His boss agreed, and soon those byproducts that were once thrown away, would now be utilized as fillers in the production of future commercial animal feeds. And so it was that the disease we now know as Mad Cow BSE/CWD disease was born.

   If you would like to learn more about how modern corporate ignorance and greed were responsible for the creation of this terrible new disease, just click on the safe link below and order a copy of Edward Oliver's revealing book, "Prophets and Frauds."






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