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Nostradamus and
General Franco

    This famous quatrain recorded by the prophet Nostradamus hundreds of years ago, concerns the coming of Spain's celebrated leader, general Francisco Franco.   General Franco was a dictator who ruled Spain from 1936 until 1975.  In this amazing prophecy, Nostradamus not only includes Franco's name, but also includes the name of Franco's predecessor, Primo de Rivera.  This is just one of many instances where Nostradamus uses proper names in his quatrains.



The castillian Franco will leave the assembly.

De castel Franco sortira l'assemblee.

The ambassador will not be pleased with the schism:

L'ambassadeur non plaisant fera scisme:

Those of Rivera will join in the mix,

Ceux de Ribera seront en la meslee.

But a great gulf (of water) denies them entry.

Et au grand goulfre desnier ont l'entree.




   Primo de Rivera (Castillian: Ribera) had ruled Spain since 1923, but the 1929 stock market crash caused his rule to crumble. The liberal elite were soon demanding a socialist takeover of the government, and General Franco, Spain's second most powerful military leader, was ordered to a remote location as left and right wing factions struggled for control of Spain. When it appeared that the Socialists were about to win, Franco flew to Morocco and rallied troops of Rivera's African corps to initiate a military coup and take back control of his nation. The Straits of Gibraltar however, would deny them access to the mainland, so Franco was forced to appeal for aid from Mussolini and Hitler to obtain the boats and planes needed to cross the gulf and defeat the Russians and American communists who were trying to takeover his country. Franco served as Spain's absolute ruler until his death in 1975.

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